Flexible, competitive lease plans
To conserve your working capital without tapping into existing credit resources, consider the following:

Fair Market Value Lease - Enjoy low monthly payments and a fair market value purchase option with the potential for tax and accounting benefits.

Lease with Fixed Purchase Option - Take advantage of attractive monthly payments with a guaranteed option-to-purchase price at the end of the term.

Cost per Copy/Enterprise Pool Plans - A total cost of ownership offering multiple products and multiple locations. Everything you need is included-lease, maintenance and supplies-in one low monthly rate.

Simple, all-in-one solutions
With Xerox Total Solution Leasing, there are no surprises and no hidden costs.

Consider the many advantages that Xerox brings to you and to your business.

Compare to other vendors, banks or third party leasing companies. You’ll be surprised at all that Xerox offers you.

Every Xerox lease gives you:

Competitive rates and flexible lease terms.

Built-in service programs. Directly from Xerox, with all the benefits of one sole vendor behind your solution.

Includes standard delivery, installation and set-up of your Xerox products and solutions.

Never a cost for trade-in removal, packaging, disassembling or shipping charges.

We cover insurance and liability for risk of loss other than theft or customer negligence. Others may require separate and additional insurance policies with the potential for high deductibles and increased costs.

We pay property tax. This reduces your costs and your need to administer these additional bills.


No additional fees. Other leases may include charges for documentation, UCC forms, paperwork, payments in advance,
etc. All their fees can add up quickly – from 1% to 10% in additional costs!

We bill in arrears, after you use your solutions, never in
advance, so you hold onto your money longer.

Best of all, you enjoy the simplicity of working with one

Your total solution

Xerox Total Solution Leasing can cover your entire document solution, from products to services, third-party applications, consulting, supplies and software.

Xerox Total Solution Leasing also helps you address your
rapidly changing marketplace and technologies by providing
upgrade and trade-in flexibilities.

Customer satisfaction. First. Always.

With the Xerox Total Satisfaction Guarantee, if you are not
satisfied with your leased Xerox equipment, at your request
Xerox will replace it without charge to you with an identical
model or a machine with comparable features and capabilities.

If your equipment is leased from Xerox, the Guarantee will
apply for three years or the entire term of your lease (except
for certain previously installed models, which receive coverage
for one year).

Ask Xerox today!
To arrange a time-saving, money-saving leasing solution
that meets your needs, contact your local Xerox sales
representative today.