1. Are your products genuine OEM or "no name" substitutes?
  2. Will service performed include ALL genuine OEM parts?
  3. Will copy credits be issued for copies made during service calls?
  4. Is unsatisfactory equipment replaced "at customer's request"?
  5. Would replacement equipment be of "like" usage?
  6. Does the service technicians' compensation plan include a variable component for profitability?
  7. Are my service invoices due at the beginning of the month?
  8. Who are you really buying from? A Dealer or the manufacturer of the equipment?
  9. Who gives you the guarentees and the warranty? The dealer or the manufacturer?
  10. Does the system you are considering have "CRU" (customer replaceable units)

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Bonus question!    Is the system your considering fully integrated for all functions to work together properly?